Research is an attitude. A desire, a choice, a passion. It is a need, a necessity. Like the work of an artisan, whose skilled and diligent hands tell a story, embody a tradition.

hese passions and drives have shaped history, art, and culture for thousands of years, and Fangorosa’s research throughout Italy is driven by that same passion.

Not only for shapes, colors, and materials, but for aromas, tastes, impressions, emotions, and knowledge.

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In the hands of our selected artisans lives the most ancient and exclusive traditions,

which have made Italy famous around the world: from Umbrian terracotta, glazed or unglazed, to Sicilian cement, as well as marble, concrete, and many more, we have found the best artisans in the territory and learned their production techniques, to bring this quality, passion, need and attitude that we want to share with you.

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Not always a clear position is synonymous with wisdom, sometimes what is needed is grey.

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Oliva Esagono&Triangolo nera vissuta.

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We decided to veil the white: we hide everything, to show everything.

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