Marble Treatment – 5 Liters

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Marble treatment for indoor spaces.

Dilution: ready to use.

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TREATMENT MARBLES is a binding agent for the protection of stones and stone materials in general which show a high porosity. It gives the products hydro-oil repellent properties without altering the surface appearance

Instructions and Safety

For two or three days after installation, the floor must be washed thoroughly with FANGOROSA SOAP – Universal detergent for all surfaces once a day, before proceeding with the treatment. Don’t cover the floor; let it breathe unless there is an urgent need for work. Do not place cardboard because if wet it could stain the surface or nylon that does not transpire Place only non-woven fabric clean from the dirt of the construction site.TREATMENT: On a clean and dry floor, carry out the treatment. Mix well before and during use. Operate with temperatures between + 15 ° C and + 30 ° C. Avoid applying the product on very hot supports, during strong wind or possible rain. Apply a coat of product on the marble with a glossy finish; two coats on smooth finish. Pour the contents of the MARBLE TREATMENT bottle into a container. Always test the product on a loose tile before applying it to the entire surface, in order to check the degree of absorption of the tiles. Spread the product with the aid of a brush or, if applied on the floor, with a waxing fleece evenly on the marble surface until it is saturated; do not apply too much product. Excessive use may leave stains on the surface. Wait 2 hours for the product to dry completely.


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