Oliva Aged Veiled - Circle & Star

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The home is a symbol of family, serenity, intimacy, tradition, warmth, and togetherness. Sometimes just a simple object, an aroma, a color or a material are enough to bring us back to the ethereal dimension, beyond space and time, which we call home.This is the magical power of terracotta, used as a flooring material for more than 4000 years.In Italy, where the Etruscans exalted the characteristics of this material thanks to the peculiarities of the territory, terracotta found its ultimate expression in Umbria. Here it has been used for hundreds of years to make pottery for wine and oil, imbued with the tastes and aromas of the Umbrian hills and landscapes.


Aged RoseWhat we live remains within us. It is our life. Our life becomes our experience. Experience leads to wisdom. Wisdom leads to serenity. “Aged”? is not worn, shabby, old, broken. “Aged”? is knowledge and memory.Veiled WhiteMaya’s Veil separates us from the essence of knowledge. Tearing it away is the objective of man. Perhaps this is why the Umbrian terracotta artisans, hundreds of years ago, used glazing so assiduously: perhaps they wanted to hide the true essence of terracotta, or its intimate knowledge. We decided to veil the white: we conceal everything, to reveal everything


CircleThe circle is a symbol of perfection, of the eternal return, of the cycle of life. Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed, in an endless circular dance. It expresses its highest potential in combination with the star, creating hypnotic geometries in a constant motion of tension and resolution.StarOne must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. Eclectic is not synonymous with chaotic, for this reason the star must be combined with the orderly perfection of the circle. It is through contamination and blending that wholeness is achieved.



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