White Carrara Rectangle – 15×7,5 cm diamond

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Michelangelo would visit the Carrara quarries to personally select the blocks of marble from which to extract his works. Yes, because each block of marble already contains the potential that will be realized through an act. In the blocks that Michelangelo selected, he already saw his David, his Piet??, his Moses.In the same way we see in the Carrarese monoliths our rectangles, squares, hexagons, octagons, and small squares. They are there waiting for us, ready to be stripped of their heavy marble clothing to come to light, in a process that is more Socratic than productive.Praise to the most classic of classics.


Rectangle DiamondThe crazy cell strikes again. It still mixes, disrupts, subverts, disturbs, astonishes. Once again we created contrast to achieve a unique synthesis. The diamond tile was born in the world of ceramics, to make an otherwise poor and simple object pleasant and sophisticated. We have always liked this poverty and simplicity, so we wanted to bring them into the world of precious materials par excellence, marble.Once again, from the collision of two opposites a miracle was born: a rudimentary technique that manages to enhance the value of marble thanks to its three-dimensionality, rendering it even more sculptural.



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