White Carrara | Green Alps – Octagon & Tozzetto

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White CarraraMichelangelo would visit the Carrara quarries to personally select the blocks of marble from which to extract his works. Yes, because each block of marble already contains the potential that will be realized through an act. In the blocks that Michelangelo selected, he already saw his David, his Piet??, his Moses.In the same way we see in the Carrarese monoliths our rectangles, squares, hexagons, octagons, and small squares. They are there waiting for us, ready to be stripped of their heavy marble clothing to come to light, in a process that is more Socratic than productive.Praise to the most classic of classics. Green AlpsThe evolution of the history of the world in a tile.When the European tectonic plate collided with the African plate, the Alps were formed. The ocean crust was pushed thousands of meters high, taking with it its colors, its influences, its soul.Today, millions of years later, it is not unusual to find a marine fossil while walking in the mountains. From the rocky walls of the Western Alps, in the Valle d’Aosta, alpine green marble is extracted, with its characteristic dark green color and its white veins, residues of what it once was: ocean.


Octagon&TozzettoSymbols of an unbreakable union, they cannot be separated. They do not want to be, because they are complementary and only exist by virtue of the other. Octagon and Tozzetto decorate surfaces like two lovers who enrich their surroundings with their passion.Not even the agonies of hell can divide Paolo and Francesca.



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