Fangorosa presents its research on Umbrian cotto, glazed cotto, cement, concrete, ceramics and marble and launches the project AVANGUARDIE, representations in which matter comes alive in six compositions inspired by the avant-garde art of the twentieth century.
Each material expresses an imagery of suggestions and tells multiple stories related to history and traditions. In a formal, chromatic and conceptual dialectic between the material and its setting, AVANGUARDIE, under the artistic direction of Giorgio Di Noto, is inspired by the stylistic elements of Italian artistic expression of the last century.

The Umbrian terracotta distractedly lying in a Morandi’s still life, the reflection of the glazed terracotta in the graphic dynamism of Fortunato Depero, the whiteness of the cement in the work of Alberto Burri, the smoky concrete city of Mario Sironi, the brightness of the ceramic in the metaphysical silence of Giorgio Morandi, the veins of the marble in the atelier of Lucio Fontana: in a synthesis between contemporaneity and tradition, craftsmanship and innovation, the 3D compositions inspired by the artistic avant-garde of the Italian twentieth century wish to narrate the close relationship between matter and form that distinguishes fangoRosa research.

Within the cycle, the still life of the Bolognese artist Giorgio Morandi suggests the plasticity, the light, the pastel colors of the forms of Cotto umbro within the composition. The intimacy of the atmosphere, the opaque and discontinuous surface of a compound with an ancient history, which has its roots in Mesopotamia, the soft and earthy colors involve the perception and make the memory of everyday objects and spaces emerge in the viewer.
The Cotto smaltato inhabits a futuristic environment characterized by games of shapes and colors inspired by Fortunato Depero. Through glazing, the materiality of terracotta shines with a new brilliance that contributes to the dynamism of the volumes and the bright, reflective colors of the scene.
The monumental Cretto by Alberto Burri , composed of enormous and monolithic castings of Cemento , stands out against the backdrop of the set dedicated to this material. The colors and shades reflect the same Sicilian landscape in which the work is located and from which comes the production of fangoRosa cement, which combines concreteness and decorum.
The Calcestruzzo is a contemporary element that evolves from the tradition of concrete becoming a spokesman for the city in its modernity. The urban lyricism of Mario Sironi represents an ideal theater on which to stage the metamorphosis of a building material into a component with its own refined decorative identity.
From the town of Alta Murgia the Ceramica of Grottaglie expands the production of fangoRosa: in the typical yellow and green coloring, it is here at the center of a metaphysical painting inspired by the silent views of Giorgio De Chirico. The sheen of the surface stands out against the rigorous background and alternating light and shadow created by the iconic arcades.
Finally, the atelier of an artist who makes the gesture, sculptural and dynamic, the distinctive feature of his poetics is the place where the essential hardness typical of the Marmo – white Carrara, Verde Alpi, Botticino and Valdiglio – contrasts dialectically with the flexibility of Lucio Fontana’s cut sizes.

Avanguardia cemento
Cotto Umbro Smaltato
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