Manner as the arts of making, of exceeding, of originating.
Fangorosa launches its second collaboration for the Fangorosa Tales, which takes its cue from the Italian passion and arts that saw the waning splendor of the Florentine Renaissance. Manners is the story of the different expressions of love told through the hands of Jacopo Devescovi, designer and specialist in the processing of handmade terracotta.

A tale of relationships and territories, of visions and ties, through eight compositions that fit together like the chapters of a book. Maniere speaks of memories of places and feelings, shared in the memories of traditions and distant legends. It is the unruliness of eight modules and seven formats, designed to be composed and mixed according to the most free interpretations. It is the chaos of an elusive passion, the one that makes us Lovers.

“Working with terracotta requires patience and great dexterity. It can be seen behind every artifact where the craftsman imprints his own hand, signing each creation with his fingers.”

To Roberta.

Jacopo Devescovi per Maniere

Young Tuscan craftsman and designer, Jacopo Devescovi was born and artistically formed in the city of Pisa. He soon approached the family business of working with handmade terracotta, free to express himself in the design of traditional objects and surfaces.

Revisiting an art considered classic, through elaborate shapes and refined colors, immediately becomes the aspiration of his work. He tells of his passion as the constant search for an unruly beauty, far from order, imperfect as the rough surface of terracotta.

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