Brilliant Blue Hexagon – Side 10,5 cm

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Concrete elevates. It is the ascent to Olympus of the most noblest materials originating from a rudimentary mixture of gravel and sand. This is how we interpret concrete, in collaboration with Forma&Cemento in Rome, by combining the most advanced technologies with the most classic tradition we created Italian craftsmanship 2.0.Concrete is a variation (or derivation) of one of the most important and popular materials of our culture of surfaces: cement.It is actually obtained through pouring and vibrating the concrete and by using special 3D printers and silicones, to obtain different shapes and thicknesses.Our concrete is the result of experiments, mixing, tests and trials: just like the artisanal traditions, we got our hands dirty and became the artisans of 2020, using the knowledge of traditional techniques together with new technologies.It only takes 10 millimeters to give a new appearance to your surfaces.


Brilliant BlueSome cities never sleep, and when night falls, instead of being enveloped by darkness, they take on the bright shades of blue that Van Gogh majestically portrayed in his “Starry Night”?. Brilliant blue concrete is the painting you have been searching for


HexagonNothing is born from diamonds. Flowers are born from manure.From the cold anonymity of the hexagonal cement tiles of public buildings, an ambiance of soft warmth is born. It is the essence of concrete united with the shape of the hexagon. The perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation.



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