Fangorosa Soap – Universal Cleaner – 1 Liter

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Universal daily cleaner for all surfaces.

Dilution: 1 + 100 (100 ml in 10 liters of water)

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FANGOROSA SOAP is the result of careful research created on a special formula with a high concentration for the cleansing and maintenance of various surfaces. Thanks to its special formula, in addition to a sanitizing and brightening action, it prevents the formation of mold, bacteria, germs, pathogens.

Instructions and Safety

Vacuum the surface. Shake the product before use. For ordinary cleaning: dilute 100ml (half a glass) in a bucket of water of about 8/10 liters., Wipe the floor with a cloth, soaked in the solution and squeezed, until the desired cleaning is achieved. It does not require rinsing. For more stubborn dirt it is possible to increase the concentration of the product up to a maximum of 10%. In this case it will be necessary to rinse the surface. In any case, we recommend cleaning about 10/20 square meters at a time, rinsing the cloth with clean water to remove the dirt and repeat all the operations until the entire surface is clean. SAFETY DATA SHEET

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