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Manner as the arts of making, of exceeding, of originating. Fangorosa launches its second collaboration for the Fangorosa Tales cycle, which takes its cue from the Italian passion and arts that saw the waning splendor of the Florentine Renaissance. Maniere is the story of the different expressions of love told through the hands of Jacopo Devescovi, designer and specialist in the processing of handmade terracotta. Terracotta was the first material used for flooring in human history. 4000 years before Christ, in Mesopotamia, terracotta floors were made by mixing sand, clay, and water and were dried by the sun due to the lack of ovens.


White Cream It separates from the white as if to enrich it with that warmth, that warmth, that smells of home and silently envelops the space A golden reflection. It does not dominate. Nor does it impose itself. It is not absolute, yet it does not confuse. Cream is light, even when the light blows.


Heartbeats We perceive the faint beats of a heart by hearing and touch, like vibrations that we let invade us inside. The constant repetition of a pulsation, a beat, with a controlled rhythm is able to condition our body, relaxing it. It unites us, with shocks, it separates us, in silence.



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