Passeggiata Rosata Cigar – 3×30

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Designer: Marialaura Irvine


Sometimes all it takes is a simple object, a scent, a color or a material to bring us back to that ethereal dimension, unbound by time and space, that we call home.This is the magical power of terracotta, used by man as a flooring material for more than 4,000 years.In Italy, where the Etruscans enhanced the characteristics of this material thanks to the peculiarities of the territory, terracotta has found its greatest expression in Umbria. In these lands it has been used for hundreds of years to make wine and oil bottles, imbuing itself with the flavors and scents of the Umbrian hills and landscapes.


“Futurustic” is a collection of handmade terracotta claddings whose concept is to include in the still unbaked earth an element that, as it burns during firing, will disappear, leaving imprinted a characteristic mark. This mark, during installation, can be filled with grout, creating an irregular pattern unique to each piece. The concept of sign inclusion can be declined by varying the element depending on the type of project and the place where it is created. Passeggiata features Pine Needles from the Isle of Capri. Futurustic tells the project through matter.”

Marialaura Irvine


The product is made exclusively by hand, one by one on wooden molds as per ancient tradition with Organic clays and certified CE and in accordance with UNI EN 1344.

The engraving of the Pine Needle is obtained in a completely random manner. 

Different sizes, thicknesses, shades of colors are to be considered characteristics of the handcrafted product.

The material is sold and delivered without grout.



Rosato the timeless classic.



Cigar 3x30x2

It has all the flavor of vice and time. An aromatic cigar with scents distilled by slow smoking. Elegant and refined, it is born from the wise experience of an artisan workmanship.

Emotional notes and aesthetic perceptions that Fangorosa has transferred into the material by proposing the cigar shape of the same name. A compact and harmonious module for a versatile laying criterion.





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