CMF Design according to Fangorosa

CMF Design according to Fangorosa

CMF Design according to Fangorosa

Temperatures, harmonies, subjective and objective perceptions, and finally the connection with materials and the surrounding area. A journey on the various aspects and potentialities of color, examined and told through Fangorosa’s materials. 

This is CMF design according to Fangorosa.

From product to Interior Design via fashion. With fluency and confidence Olga Salvoni, CMF designer professor at Ied and Polidesign in Milan, ranges in different areas applying a scientific approach that sees color as a design tool, a vehicle to exalt the sensory experience. It was exactly color with its nuances and potential and its inevitable connections with materials and space that guided her talk on Oct. 27 at the first appointment of “Aesthetics of the Journey” at Stepping Stone, the format of meetings promoted by Fangorosa for the training of designers and architects.

Color does not leave us indifferent; it pushes us far away. Each color recalls a place, a world, a specific universe. White tells of purity, brown the search for roots and warmth. Still green testifies to vitality and abundance, blue to depth while black is a symbol of power and elegance. There is an ‘objectivity. An unquestionable fact that can only be seen. Along with this also comes a subjective perception that has to do with the experience of the individual and for which every color calls to mind a feeling or sensation that belongs to each person’s inner world.

Building on these foundations, Olga Salvoni set out on a theoretical path by considering color as a single element and then linking it to its relationship with materials. A fundamental binomial that is at the center of interior design as it influences visual perception and the way of living spaces between different temperatures, chromatic and metachromatic harmonies.


In her daily research related to materials Olga Salvoni came across the collections of Fangorosa immediately appreciating their exclusivity, originality of shapes and textures. So the relationship between craftsmanship and design was the inspiration to tell and present the project’s products, a synthesis not only of the encounter between material and tradition but also of the designers’ new interpretations.

The collections of Umbrian cotto, Lombard variegated cotto, marble, Sicilian cement and Roman concrete set the map for a journey of discovery of Italian craftsmanship excellence and therefore the way to explore the technical approach on color and design and actively engage participants.

The meeting began with an initial formative part in which about 20 architects and interior designers were able to learn more about CMF Design through the textures of Fangorosa.

This was followed by an experimental workshop designed to offer architects and designers new design ideas through the creation of some moodboards by being inspired by terracotta, marble, Sicilian cementine and Roman concrete.

A souvenir of this trip was certainly not lacking, polaroid shots and postcards concluded the first event in Bologna, at the Brand Ambassador “Stepping Stone.”


The meeting with CMF designer Olga Salvoni was just the first in a series that will continue across Italy from the Firm’s Brand Ambassadors.

If You miss the event, watch it here.


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