Fangorosa’s Cotto Lombardo

At MDW 22 the Cotto Lombardo Variegato di Fangorosa.

MDW 22, we will also be present this year with a new project resulting from new synergies and collaborations. The variegated terracotta of Fangorosa will be the material of which Etna, Stromboli and Vesuvio, the three design vases conceived for FangoRosa by Marialaura Irvine of Studio Irvine Milan. The studio, founded in 1988 by British designer James Irvine, in course of its 30-year history, has created a dense network of relationships in the design world, and this is the first project in collaboration with Fangorosa.

The Cotto Lombardo Variegato

The material chosen for making the vases is variegated cotto, also known as cotto lombardo. Material very common in historical civil and religious construction in the Po Valley area as early as the 16th century, it is still a valuable material and very much in demand in the field interior design for laying solutions. In the Lombard area, given its naturally decorative appearance, it had considerable fortune as early as the Renaissance as it reproduced real marble in a decorative way. Employed in the most prestigious buildings for its veined decorations, it originated from cotto, a primitive clay quarried from the beds of Lombard rivers. This material owes its veining to the layering of different clays mixed and blended with different techniques depending on the decoration. Each kiln guards its own method of shaping, and each area has its own clays with different decorative peculiarities. At one time, only red and white clay. Fangorosa renews the traditional aesthetic by adding black clay. Combined together three colors, white-red-black, form almost psychedelic veins

The Lambro Collection


The careful mixing of white, red and black clay, the slow drying and firing in wood-fired kilns, and above all the expert experience of our craftsmen are the determined elements of our collection.

The collection is characterized by the 10×10 format and the veining of the different clays. And only the knowledge of a master kiln worker can govern and direct the veining once the firing point is reached.

The innovative Core format

The name comes from the Lambro River, which flows through these places and nourishes that very earth from which the clay is born. The Lambro Core is a collection that simultaneously pays homage to tradition and innovation. The collection places the classic format of cm. 15×30 revisited in a composition that plays with the presence of a circle. The presence of the circular shaped element attracts attention, the round divides the center of the decorative motif. Thus rectangles, spiral variegations open in the center with a crescent cutout to compose an innovative Euclidean puzzle.

Etna, Stromboli e Vesuvio, the trio of terracotta vases  

Studio Irvine is an architecture, industrial design and art direction studio based in Milan. Run by architect Marialaura Irvine, it specializes in the design of industrial products, art direction and architecture of spaces where there is specific research on materials and surfaces. Rossiello Irvine has an approach focused on the entire process, not just the end result. The interdisciplinary philosophy pursued by the firm denotes a constant curiosity about all kinds of projects: from chair design to finish design, from art direction of companies to architectural projects.  The focus today, together with Fangorosa, is specific research on the material involving the entire transformation process, from idea to production to communication strategy. During the Salone del Mobile 2022, the studio will present three vases, whose decoration following the free flow of the material generates a variegated color scheme, in which the beauty of imperfection is the protagonist. The form extrudes creating an architectural landscape; a play of geometric volumes and craters of different inclination and size that are enriched with floral compositions. The vases will be made with Fangorosa variegated terracotta, a union between clays of different natures.

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