What are the delivery times?

We have agreed with our artisans a production and processing time which is expressed in weeks for each specific material. At the end of the production weeks you need to add 5 working days for shipping and delivery. Fangorosa has chosen to work with artisans to propose surfaces produced and processed according to tradition and not industrialization, each order is executed on the spot, placing care and attention on each tile.

Any extra fee?

Read the following information carefully; are important to receive your order and avoid additional costs. For any clarification please contact us at studio@fangorosa.com.

Delivery methods:

The Fangorosa surfaces are selected using 3 criteria: quality, prices and craftsmanship. Each criterion takes into account a single goal: to provide the best possible product for your project. The choice of proposing a unique and handcrafted product suggests us to highlight that some factors independent of us can affect delivery times, therefore the timing, although likely they are estimates, we are not able to guarantee specific deadlines. We recommend that you book the installation of our materials only after having received and checked the entire order.

Before the delivery:

Once your order has been shipped you will receive a call from our courier to schedule a delivery appointment. Failure to schedule the appointment within 24 hours of the call received may result in storage and / or return costs, shipping / redelivery costs for which the user will be responsible. Changing the delivery address (not previously agreed with Fangorosa) may involve an extra cost. These charges will be collected by our courier.

There must always be someone at the place of delivery to receive and sign the delivery of the order.

Depending on the needs, the material will be put on the road with a special hydraulic side. It is the customer’s responsibility to move the material from public land and transport it to the place of installation, the courier will not break the pallet.

When planning the delivery appointment, keep in mind the conditions of the road or yard where the material must be unloaded: width of roads / sidewalks, presence of trees, steps and obstacles in general that do not allow safe unloading for operators / customers / material. In the event that the necessary conditions for safe unloading are not present, it will be the customer’s responsibility to collect the order from the nearest warehouse.

The day of delivery or collection in the warehouse:

  • Inspect the shipment for any signs of damage: boxes, torn packaging etc. The check must be carried out before accepting the shipment.
  • Open two or three boxes to check for any hidden damage.
  • The packing slip will be attached to the shipment.
  • Check the delivery note and verify that all the materials ordered are there.
  • Make sure you have received all the boxes before accepting the shipment
  • In the event that the shipment contains any boxes or damaged items and / or the shipment does not contain some items ordered (it is necessary to have the order placed to verify the presence of all the items) immediately notify the courier of the event to immediately process the claim for damage or missing goods claim.
  • If the collection takes place at a courier warehouse, the indications for control and communication of any complaints and / or damages remain unchanged.
  • After reporting the problem, the procedure for replacing the product in case of damage and integration of the material in case of non-delivery by e-mail or telephone will be activated immediately.
  • It will not be possible to submit the complaint without having notified the courier at the time of delivery.
  • It is necessary to check the shipment and make sure that all the material is present at the time of delivery. Any complaints for missing or damaged products must be communicated via e-mail by writing to studio@fangorosa.com. within 48 hours from the day of delivery
  • We suggest that you do not start the installation work on your products until the order is completed. While waiting for the replacement product, make sure that all the material is safe in the construction site of your project.
  • Fangorosa will take care of every aspect of the complaint
  • If you do not sign the damage report, Fangorosa loses the right to file a claim with the courier on your behalf This means that we will not be able to provide you with replacement material for free
  • Any changes to the shipping agreement must be made through Fangorosa. If you have decided to take delivery without a lifting trolley and your circumstances change, please contact us before the product is delivered to have a lifting trolley added. The additional cost will need to be paid before receiving your order

Summary of the main procedures:

  • Check the goods upon delivery / collection
  • Sign the delivery document and / or complaint document in case the product is damaged or missing
  • Report in detail the problems that arose at the time of delivery / collection
  • Do not skip any of these steps, your attentions will allow Fangorsa to provide you with all the assistance for complaints to replace damaged products at no cost to you and to organize the entire replacement process.


  • The control of all the material must be carried out before installation.
  • The laying of the material constitutes acceptance of the material received.
  • Do not lay defective material

Fangorosa, during checkout, strongly advises you to buy the treatment for the type of material you choose for your surfaces. In this way you will be able to make shine and treat your tiles from their installation.

In fact, our products are the result of careful cleaning and maintenance research of surfaces. Thanks to special formulas, these treatments give shine to your tiles and they prevent the formation of mold, bacteria, germs, pathogens.

What is the sample?

  • The sample is a representative example of the product you have chosen for color and material. The possibility of a slight inhomogeneity of the product is to be considered a characteristic of the product itself which testifies to its craftsmanship and uniqueness.
  • Due to the high demand, the customer can only order a sample of a product in the same color. For any particular need, write to studio@fangorosa.com.

What is sfrido?

SFRIDO: adding material at the time of order. International industry standards suggest adding at least 15% due to tile cuts, potential breakage, or future repairs. There is always the potential for breakage when moving and shipping the tiles (2% -4%).

Why is 15% more material added to my order by default?

It is highly recommended to have additional tiles to make tile cuts during installation and to keep them for any future plumbing (or other construction) repair needs. Many of our tiles vary in color from batch to batch because they are handcrafted and so if you need more tiles in the future, it may not match your current tile.

What does the abbreviation V and T mean?

Fangorosa offers a variety of tiles of different types and materials. With this, we often see degrees of variation. From swirls of pigments that fill concrete tile molds in slightly different ways, to ancient methods of producing glazes in our terracotta creating one-of-a-kind pieces, the craftsmanship of many of our tiles brings about differences in color, hue and texture. These differences are more pronounced in some types of tiles than in others. The following is a guide to the different degrees of variation we have assigned to our tiles. Each of the tiles in our online catalog is classified both by color variation, indicated by a V, and by material variation, indicated by a T. Lower numbers indicate lower variations and textures, while higher numbers indicate greater variations. These ratings are available on each product page.


V1: low variation. All tiles will show a lot-to-lot variation percentage. As with all tiles, mixing is always recommended before installation.
V2: slight variation. There may be slight visible differences in the colors of the tiles within a given lot, however in general, as a whole, the tiles grouped in any installation will have a uniform appearance. As with all tiles, mixing is always recommended before installation.
V3: average variation. These tiles are generally the result of a handmade artisan production, they are usually of a singular color, there may be more shades of that color clearly represented within each lot. As with all tiles, mixing is always recommended before installation.
V4: heavy variation. Typically there will be multiple shades or pigments present within each tile, and often no two will be alike. In addition, producing entire batches can of course result in slightly skewed shade differences in one way or another. Despite their individual and obvious differences, when put together in an installation, these tiles will exhibit a consistent coloration. As with all tiles, mixing is always recommended before installation.
V5: extreme variation. There may be multiple shades and colors visibly represented within the lots. Some tiles will be noticeably lighter or darker within the lots and these differences are also evident in the installations, creating a beautiful patchwork effect. It is recommended to purchase more samples this way you will be able to view the pallet range. As with all tiles, mixing is always recommended before installation.


T1: smooth. The surface of these tiles will be very even.
T2: light texture. The production will involve a slight physical variation of the tile surfaces. Overall there will be uniformity at the time of installation.
T3: medium texture. There will be significant structural differences between tiles from the same lot.
T4: heavy texture. There can be extreme structural differences between the tiles. The effect is produced by the nature of the production process, these can have rough or damaged surfaces, as well as cracks and pitting. These are not defects, but rather integral parts of the tiles themselves, which testify to their craftsmanship and uniqueness.

Write to: studio@fangorosa.com

FOR ALL THE REST info@fangorosa.com

we will reply you within 24H

Sale takes place for a whole number of boxes. During the calculation, the required area is rounded to the next integer present in the box (informations are present in each product calculator).

To request the reduced VAT at 10% or 4%, you must send the following documents to the email info@fangorosa.com :

  • A self-certification (FAC-SIMILE form)
  • The CILA – Notification of Certified Commencement of Works. This document is issued by the City where is the work.

Deposit payment is only possible for orders over € 1,000. This deposit will have a fixed amount established by Fangorosa.

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