Architect Tools: Fangorosa

Architect Tools: Fangorosa

Fangorosa is research but also project planning, which is why it has created tools for architects and designers to support interior design projects. Read more to find out which ones.

With their story and unusual shapes, Fangorosa’s materials tells all the beauty of Italian craftsmanship. At the same time, however, they trigger more than legitimate questions in the minds of architects and interior designers.

For example: How can I lay Umbrian terracotta? What treatments does it require? Can Sicilian cement be suitable for furnishing an outdoor space?

A series of questions that Fangorosa has decided to resolve through convenient and useful design tools. Here are the main ones.

Sample Box, wooden boxes 11.5 cm x 12.5 cm containing a selection of 10×10 samples, divided by material. Two types are available:

The first includes squares (10×10) from Olive collection in six colours (Grey, White, Veiled, Red, Vissuto).

The second includes squares (10×10) from Lambro collection in three colours (White-Black, White-Red, Red-Black).

Both represent a useful tool when designing floor and wall coverings.

Laying is the most delicate but also the most fascinating phase. The moment when the material gradually stops being a single, isolated element and becomes an integral part of the project.

Laying must always be carried out by professionals, but even they may need support.

That is why we have created laying tutorials that simply and effectively support them in their work.


Here are some examples:

In the life cycle of any material there are several factors that can affect its deterioration:

  • contact with everyday substances
  • physical factors such as continuous trampling
  • environmental factors such as the proliferation of mould.

Depending on its nature and specific characteristics, each material has certain enemies.

This is why it is important to use dedicated products designed for non-invasive application.

Fangorosa’s treatment tools are water-based and allow for sustainable maintenance of materials that preserves their beauty and integrity.


Here are the main kits:

A tool for interior design is the Pro Section, a section dedicated to professionals that reserves

  • Free phone call
  • Digital Kit where you can find files with high-resolution images of Fangorosa products in .png or .dwg
  • Newsletter with monthly updates
  • Dedicated monthly offers on prompt delivery supplies

Read on to find out more tools for architect.

New from Fangorosa is the ‘Material Collection’ Palette, designed and created to support designers and architects, consisting of 82 photorealistic textures, in a smart format that makes it convenient and portable. The Fangorosa – Material Collection Palette is the perfect tool to introduce the customer to the different possibilities that Fangorosa’s collections offer in terms of shades and shapes.

To conclude, Fangorosa provides a monthly newsletter with a dedicated offer for designers and architects registered in the Pro Section, a tool to reserve product updates and special offers.

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