Here are the Design Events of 2023: Fangorosa

Design Events 2023: Fangorosa

Il format di eventi di Fangorosa continua

On 26 January in Conversano, in the province of Bari, the series of meetings Fangorosa with its collections featuring CMF design with Olga Salvoni designer continues. The event hosted by LOI, design boutique and Brand Ambassador of the first Italian e-commerce specialising in materials and surfaces. Here are Fangorosa’s Design Events of 2023.

 LOI, a laboratory in Coversano (BA) has a clear mission: to create beautiful and timeless spaces, designed to celebrate life and soul of those who inhabit them. The design boutique in the different aspects of its activities (surfaces and coverings, furnishing compliments, bathroom furniture and lighting) is committed to offering uncompromising quality. The passion for detail and innovative solutions were the background for the meeting with Fangorosa, the first e-commerce of materials and surfaces in Italy. Soon the collaboration between the two realities will take shape in a moment of dialogue and comparison. To learn more, continue reading.

Design Events of 2023: Fangorosa

LOI is a brand ambassador of Fangorosa and on 26 January, at its headquarters, hosted us together with Olga Salvoni, CMF designer for a lecture on the importance of colour in design.

The main theme of her speech was the shapes and textures of Fangorosa’s collections. Through Umbrian terracotta, Lombardy variegated terracotta, marble, Sicilian cement and Roman concrete, Olga will analyse with concrete examples the relationship between colour and material, two elements that if well calibrated become the ideal means to build identity spaces, the expression of precise visions and emotions.

This theoretical part is followed by an experiential moment in which architects and interior designers will try their hand at creating moodboards inspired by materials such as terracotta, marble, Sicilian cementine and Roman concrete. Materials that recall age-old traditions and precise places, becoming the vehicle for a journey through Italy and its history.

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Design Events of 2023: Fangorosa
Design Events of 2023: Fangorosa

Step by step Fangorosa’s itinerary continues. After Bologna, at Stepping Stone and Conversano, at Loi, the next appointments will be held:

  • In Rome (RM) Cantiere Galli
  • In Milan (MI) at Interno 18

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