La MDW 22 di fangorosa

Fangorosa’s MDW 22

Fangorosa's MDW 2022

We decided to be at Milan Design Week 2022 by exhibiting DEATH TO VITRUVIAN MAN created by Albi Guaraldi, letting go of stereotypical canons of beauty to rather embrace a new thought of inclusion.

The Project

The idea came from the desire to break out of the box for a new feeling that makes noise.


Fangorosa at MDW 2022 interpreted the relationship between man and his first home, the body, in a performance focused on the relationship between dress and living.


Since time out of existence, homes, space, and therefore also surfaces, envelop us and welcome us inside them and allow us to act in this space of them. The performance aims to reverse the terms of this balance and to enact, therefore, letting oneself be inhabited.


“DEATH TO VITRUVIAN MAN,” death to the Vitruvian man, is a desire to reinterpret the relationship between the human being and the space that surrounds him, pointing with different sensitivity to the aesthetic canons and expectations of the physical body. In the performance, the dancers are no longer Leonardo Da Vinci canonized human beings but an articulated system of flesh and bone to which all the material around us is added. The variegated terracotta, the material we chose for the performance, was meant to represent in general extension of the habitable. 


We designed a choreography that focuses on sharing, as we believe that materials and surfaces can achieve this kind of feeling and social interaction.

la MDW 22 di Fangorosa


Cotto lombardo, in the Lambro Collection is a refined, elegant and versatile element.

Synonymous with prestige and wealth, it is born right in the Italian region of Lombardy from a mix of different clays: once the firing point is reached, only a skilled craftsman knows the direction of the veining. The uncertainty of color and veining make the wait even more fascinating.


The core material of the Salone del Mobile exhibition in Milan, Cotto variegato lombardo, as variegated as the body, evolving and changing with time. The body as a living, iridescent spectacle. The body is inhabited by the language with which it chooses to express itself and by its thoughts inevitably influenced by the environment and the community.

la MDW 22 di Fangorosa


There are multiple arts that make up the performance of FANGOROSA.COM at Palazzo Visconti during Milan Design Week.

We speak of “Arts” to mean that which par excellence expresses and interprets beauty since time immemorial, which exalts the body and elevates the mind. Sculpture understood as craftsmanship that through “simple” hands gives life to a material as multifaceted as our terracotta “Lambro”; Music that evokes an emotion; Dancing that sinuous to the eyes brings to the mind a feeling; painting that in all its forms shapes the body to exalt its peculiarities.

Inhabiting and allowing oneself to be inhabited. Living surfaces, wearing them, dressing them.

Fangorosa, with “Death to Vitruvian Man,” praises the inseparable connection between surfaces and bodies, dressing the latter with the former, letting them inhabit, master, live.

“Death to Vitruvian Man” is expansion and evolution of the physical body.

“Death to Vitruvian Man” is praise for what is around us.

“Death to Vitruvian Man” is dialogue, sharing, inclusion.

“Death to Vitruvian Man” is reciprocity.

“Death to Vitruvian Man” is being home.

la MDW 22 di Fangorosa
la MDW 22 di Fangorosa

Thanks is craftsmanship, innovation and creativity.

A huge thank you to the ART – ists:

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